This time of year always finds me in a sentimental state of mind. The struggles with infertility and the redemptive power of adoption all vividly rush through my mind as I prepare for the birthdays of my children. I still stand amazed when I look back at the process. We felt so lost. The path was not clear. We felt like every step was unstable. We questioned ourselves at every turn. We clung to our faith and at the same time felt like it had abandoned us. Eleven years later, we look back and see the perfectly orchestrated path of our journey. The path was always there. We had just been blinded by our fear and grief. I find myself in deep gratitude to our adoption agency director and all the friends we made along the way in the adoption world. I am beyond thankful to Jazz and Paris’ Birth Mothers, who entrusted us to parent these two amazing children. I am honored to have traveled this journey with an amazing woman. 
I am grateful.

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